June Announcements

2nd-Corporate Prayer, 7pm

4th-The Chill Urban Worship Service, 3pm

6th-Pastor Jones speaking in Germany

9th-Corporate Prayer, 7pm

11th-Family Enrichment Class, 6pm

13th-Couple’s Ministry Gathering, 7pm

14th-BB&T Financial Seminar, 7pm

16th-Mighty Men’s Fellowship, 7pm

18th-Father’s Day

The Chill Urban Worship Service, 3pm

21st-Refreshing & Renewal Conference, 7pm

22nd-Refreshing & Renewal Conference, 7pm

23rd-Refreshing & Renewal Conference, 7pm

24th-Youth Mission Trip to Haiti

Couple’s Ministry Outing, 10am

28th-Feed the Multitude, 5pm

30th-Couple’s Ministry Open Forum, 6pm