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What Is Family Bible College?

Family Bible College of Fayetteville is a Biblically-centered institution of higher learning whose philosophy is to provide quality education while meeting the needs of men and women who are either currently involved in leadership service or desire to be better prepared to serve humanity and our Lord.

Family Bible College of Fayetteville is privately accredited by several commissions of  accreditation associations or agencies who specialize in religious school accreditation.

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1.Motivate the student to a life of total commitment to Christ and the cause of Christ.

2.Demonstrate the importance of the anointing of the Holy Spirit in and on the believer giving him/her the authority to provide “reasonable service.”

3.Promote the student’s personal growth through emphasis on worship, service, and Christian living.

4.Enable the student through the renewing of his/her mind to understand Bible principles and to interpret and express clearly what the Word of God says.

5.Encourage and develop God-given talents and abilities.

6.Develop leadership qualities by encouraging the student toward responsible leadership involvement.

7.Cultivate Biblical insight to further enhance the student’s Christian lifestyle and service.


1. Be able to communicate and display appreciation for God’s Word by properly studying, interpreting, obeying, and sharing Bible doctrine with others.

2. Display evidence of a Christian life that is balanced in every aspect including at home, church, and community. Serve as a channel for further spreading of the Word of God.

3. Be knowledgeable of a Christian’s place in society and ability to function effectively as citizen.

4. Properly care for the spiritual as well as the physical body.

5. Supply a Biblical basis for Christian maturity, ethics, and service.

6. Study and show by example Scriptural principles for Christian worship and service.

7. Analyze, evaluate, and make decisions according to the Word of God.

Associate’s Degree Program

This program is a two-year program designed to promote personal development by giving the student a solid foundation for the Christian faith.

The courses of the first year offer good, practical principles to build effective Christian lifestyle and service. Upon completion of the courses in the first year, the student will receive a one-year Bible certificate equivalent to 30/33 credits.

Building on the foundation of the first year, the curriculum of year two emphasizes the application of Biblical principles in the life of the believer. Hence, the student actually demonstrates qualities of Christian leadership. Courses are designed to promote the development and use of skills and techniques relevant to each student’s area(s) of ministry. Upon completion of the courses in year two, the student will receive an Associate Degree equivalent to 60/66 credits.

Bachelor’s Degree Program

The purpose of the Bachelor’s program at Family Bible College is to provide professional theological education for the equipping of persons for effective service in Christian ministries throughout the world.

This program of studies leading to a Bachelor’s degree is designed for qualified candidates who are engaged in full-time and related ministries. The purpose of the program is to help the candidates grow in their understanding and interpretation of the Church’s ministry in relation to Biblical; historical, theological, ethical and practical areas. The candidates are also challenged to develop their ministerial skills and refine and articulate a theological spirit-filled ministry while in a setting of ministry.

A special feature of the Bachelor’s program at Family Bible College is to enable the candidates to understand the positive and problematic developments in the spirit-filled fundamental dimensions of the ministry.

All candidates accepted into the Bachelor’s Program are required to have already obtained an Associate Degree equivalent to 60/66 credits. Upon completing the third (3rd), the student earns a certificated equivalent to 90/99 credits. Completion of the fourth (4th) year Bachelor’s program affords the student a Bachelor’s Degree equivalent to 120/132 credits.

Family Bible College classes convene every Monday from 6:30pm to 9:15pm at True Vine Ministries Administration and Education Building (A&E building), 5301 Morganton Road, Fayetteville, NC 28314


Master’s Degree Program


Class Schedule

6:30pm-7:15pm: Class I

7:30pm– 8:15pm: Class II

8:30pm– 9:15pm: Class III

All off campus courses are offered via email by the assigned instructor

For more information please call (910) 867-4003.

FBC Grading System

A= 91-100

B= 81-90



F= 60-below

Admissions Policies

All new student are required to fill out an registration packet for admission to FBC

All returning student are required to update all contact information

Absentee Policy

Each semester is nine weeks. Students are only allowed to miss one class due to work or emergency circumstances.

Add/Drop Class Policies

Students are only allowed to add/drop classes within the first week. Refunds are only given during the first week. After the first week, if you decide that you want to drop a class, you will only receive monetary credit on your student account.

Exam Polices

Mid-term exams are taken during the fifth week of class and final exams are taken during the ninth week of class. Make-up exams are at the discretion of the instructor.

FBC Fees

Yearly Registration- August to May: $50 (Non-refundable)


Please contact FBC Register in regards to picking up or shipping books (additional fees apply). 

Class fees- $25 per class

Book fees- cost range between $12.00 -$30.00

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