Divorce Care

divorce-careMinistry Leaders: Disa J. Perry

Healing from divorce is not easy. It’s a long, sometimes painful process. Divorce can be a challenging life issue to overcome and True Vine Ministries seeks to offer God’s alternative to dealing with such issues. We want to help you on your journey toward wholeness. Divorce Care is a recovery ministry where members of the body can find help and healing while dealing with the hurt of separation and divorce. We are a friendly, caring group of servants who will walk alongside you through your most difficult experiences. The sessions, seminars and support groups are led by trained staff members. Members can choose a one-on-one track with online chat sessions and scheduled phone calls or a group track with weekly meetings and group discussions. Participation in the program also gives access to valuable Divorce Care resources to help deal with the pain of the past and look forward to rebuilding life, with Jesus Christ as the navigator.