Our Story

The True Vine Ministries World Outreach Fellowship first opened its doors on   May 22, 1992, at what was then 330 N. Reilly Road in Fayetteville, NC.  Impressed by God to start a work near Fort Bragg, Elder Ernest Jones, Sister Cynthia Jones and their daughter Jessica stepped out on faith and began preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The first members to join were Minister Carlos Swinger, his wife Mary, and daughter Candace. The name of the church derived from the message given by Christ which is found in the Gospel according to the Apostle John, Chapter 15, verse 1: I am the True Vine, and my father is the husbandman. 

True Vine Ministries, or TVM, as it is affectionately called by many of its members, has in its short existence touched numerous lives in the community, overseas, in rest homes, in the prisons,  and in the military. God’s hand has been at work in the midst of the ministry and truly it can be said:  Hitherto the Lord has helped us.  The ministry purchased land to build a sanctuary on May 13, 1996.  One year later, May 2, 1997 the first services were conducted in the new edifice at 5315 Morganton Road.

In August 1998, TVM became the home of the Family Bible College of Fayetteville. In the summer of 2001, True Vine expanded its existing sanctuary, building a 500–seat auditorium, and converting the previous edifice into a teen church.  The next phase of building was completed in 2006 when the J Center was erected. In 2009, the ministry purchased a home near the campus named the Liberty Place which provides food, clothing, and employment information twice a week to the community.

On April 14, 2014, the building next to the church was purchased and deemed as the Administration and education Building and became home for the administrative offices and Family Bible College. In 2015, TVM began to use the JCenter for White Flag nights for the homeless and through the services provided to the homeless population, TVM was chosen by the city to run a 21-bed women’s shelter named the Hope Center.