Family Care Groups

At True Vine Ministries, we strive to offer practical and effective Biblical guidance for individuals and families as they navigate life’s joys and challenges. To achieve this goal, we have established “Care Groups” that allow our pastors, Ernest and Cynthia Jones, to maintain a personal connection with each member of our church family.

Our Care Pastors provide personalized attention to individuals and families within their groups, promoting holistic wellness within the family unit. They are available to offer spiritual counseling as well as premarital and marital counseling upon request.

These Care Groups are organized by zip codes, which means that your fellow group members are not only your church family but also likely your neighbors. This creates a sense of community that extends beyond the walls of the church building.

We believe that everyone deserves support and guidance on their journey of faith. Our Care Groups provide a safe space for individuals and families to seek help from caring pastors who are dedicated to providing compassionate care. We invite you to join us at True Vine Ministries and become part of our caring community today!

Richard Sr. & Joyce Saunders
Zip Codes
28304, 28305, 28301, 28302,
28312, 28391, 27576
Willis & Pauline Council
Zip Codes
28348, 28371, 28306
Chad & Karlette Beasley
Zip Codes
Franklin & Khaleah Keller
Zip Codes
George & Pamela Turner
Zip Codes
28307, 28310, 28376
Robert & KaMesha Cousins
Zip Codes
28311, 28390, 28325, 28351,
28352, 28339, 28356, 28330,
27546, 27526, 27505, 27616,
28326, 27332, 28317
Joseph & Juanita Whaley
Zip Codes