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The report reveals the researchers then used a new statistical method to compare the group treated with diazepam with a control group of 10 healthy controls.

In both groups, there was a reduction in anxiety symptoms over the treatment period – compared with the group which received nothing.

The researchers wrote: “As diazepam is a GABAergic (gamma-aminobutyric acid) receptor antagonist, it has also been proposed that it has anxiolytic activity.

“However, results with clinical trial studies have not confirmed this finding and suggest that diazepam does not possess anxiolytic properties.

“Therefore, a major question remains as to the exact mechanism of action behind its anxiolytic properties.

“These data indicate that the anxiolytic effects of diazepam are mediated via a GABAergic mechanism but may also be mediated via an NMDA (non-NMDA) mechanism.”

Dr James Worsley from the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at Goldsmiths, University of London, was involved in the study.

He said: “Our study suggests that diazepam is a potent anxiolytic agent.

“Therefore, diazepam may be a potential therapeutic option for individuals with recurrent symptoms of acute anxiety such as panic disorder.”

Prof Peter Gollwitzer, director of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at Goldsmiths, University of London, said: “Depression is one of the biggest causes of disability worldwide so it is important to understand how new, safer and effective treatments can be developed.

“The results of this study may lead to improvements in the management of severe or chronic depressive disorders which can have major social and economic impact.”<|endoftext|>This story is about Published May. 2016

Sportsradio KTCK-AM’s Bill Simmons: When the Cowboys aren’t very good, Dak has to carry the team Share This Story On… Twitter



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This story is part of SportsDay’s 10 for the Ten series. 10 Things I Like And Don’t Like About The Dallas Cowboys through 10 years of Tony Romo’s career in Texas. On our list: 1. They’re a good bunch, for sure, a championship-caliber team. If Romo takes care of the football, he’ll get you a championship team each time. 2. Their fans are passionate and dedicated. But I’ve never seen a fan base pull of that more aggressively. And it works too, with the best of them. 3. They have a lot to build up on. Romo’s a good player. He has all the skills to be the Dallas Cowboys’ first MVP and a Super Bowl champion soon if things turn around. 4. The fans are just as fun as the players. If the Cowboys win big, Romo plays great and everything is set. They’ve worked so hard for so long to build this thing up and now they have the most fun fans in football.

Bill Simmons, SportsCenter senior writer and host of the ‘Bill Simmons Podcast’ joins Michael Wilbon and Cousin Sal to discuss the biggest Cowboys questions as the team kicks off training camp.

Does Tony Romo always perform at a high level? No. His production isn’t always top-of-the-line and isn’t what he once was. He’s a quarterback who gets into the end zone less often and not with the same frequency as he once did. And that will continue in 2016.

Is the Cowboys a Super Bowl contender? As we said, they’re one of the most complete teams in the league. Yes, they struggled last season in many categories but they added a legit offensive stud in Ezekiel Elliott this offseason. If Romo can stay healthy, I like the Cowboys to finish in the top four in their division and win another division.

Are the Cowboys contenders going into 2016? No, but they’re going to be a more well-rounded team than last season. Elliott could easily carry this team when he returns from suspension, if all goes well. I also expect that quarterback remains Romo’s biggest enemy, which means he’s going to have to do a lot of good things to pull them through. And if he’s able to be the MVP or Super Bowl hero again, the Cowboys will be tough to beat.<|endoftext|>I don’t know much about the state of the world these days, so I think of things I would like to do if I were in charge

On Monday in Cairo I met Ahmed Maher, founder and editor-in-chief of the Egyptian edition of Vanity Fair. “I love Vanity Fair, I read it every day,” he told me, “but I don’t have much of an understanding of the challenges facing the Arab world.”

I’ve spent the past 15 years writing my own piece of pop journalism that has been